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Who is putting on this event?* We are a collaborative partnership of churches and organizations that love the gospel of Jesus Christ and believe that the gospel is the only power that can reconcile years of racial tension in Charleston.
Why 1CHARLESTON?* 150 years ago slavery ended, but the divide between whites and blacks has continued, especially in the Charleston area. We believe that the gospel of Jesus speaks to this divide and we pray that our friendships and our churches will be as diverse now as they will be for eternity in heaven.
It is 2014-15 and we have a black president, is racial tension really an issue?* Yes, when people can look at one event like what happen in Ferguson, Missouri and have such divergent views, it’s time we sit down and talk …and even more listen.
Our society seems to be getting more diverse, but what about our churches?* Sociologist state that for a church or company to be “multi-ethnic” they must not have more than 80% of a dominate ethnicity. Meaning, if a church is 85% white and 15% black, it is not multi-ethnic or if it is 75% black, 15% Hispanic, and 10% white it is multi-ethnic. With that metric, only 2.5% of churches in the United States are multi-ethnic statistically.
How much does 1Charleston cost?* This event is free, but you do need to register because space is limited.



  • Journey Church
  • Riverbluff Church
  • Build-A-Brother
  • Grace Christian Fellowship
  • Sovereign Grace Church of the Lowcountry
  • Summit Church (Charleston, SC)
  • CenterPoint Church
  • Summerville Baptist Church
  • The Net Church
  • Lincolnville’s “Take back OUR Village” Organization
  • Charleston Southern University
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